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Permissions: Yes.

More seriously, since it's Ariel, flirting and kissing and sex are just part and parcel. Katina likes to fight, so that's good. Just lemme know if your character's going to maim or kill her.

Kinks: Yes.

...not keen on scat and a few other things but I'll do something more in-depth later. Umi's is pretty close to what Katina will be though.
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[ Katina had long since mastered the art of functioning while feeling shitty. She'd written off some minor sleeping problems, headaches, and an upset stomach as a bug for a while, but once it went on for two weeks, well... she doesn't want to be told she can't fight, but she does want to be in tip top shape for fighting Silentium, a battle she refuses to miss.

...she exits the doctor's office looking incredibly shell-shocked, to say the least. After leaning against a wall for about five minutes, she sends off a brief text message to Viral. Tower. Roof. Now. and heads there with a VERY FAST WALK no she doesn't want to tell you what's up anyone who sees her. ]


Jan. 24th, 2011 01:07 am
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So, to confirm that I'm not crazy - Janus and Saturnus seem like they've got something goin' on, right? It's not just me?
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[Audio message for everyones!]

Sorry about the short notice everyone, but I'm outta here on the 23rd to visit my family, and I won't be back until next year. You guys better not get your asses kicked without me or I'm gonna be pissed, right after I kick the shit out of everyone who beat you!

[Private to Viral]

How do you feel about meeting my family?

I Want Out!

Nov. 3rd, 2010 05:34 pm
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It had been another uneventful weekend. Not to say that her family was boring... just that it was a very routine visit and dinner. Her father was witty, her mother doting, her brother quiet, her sister-in-law silly, and her niece utterly adorable. The sort of routine that's pleasant no matter how old it seems to get, because it's family.

But despite how content Katina was, whenever things let up for a bit it felt like something was missing. She couldn't place what it was for the life of her, and couldn't recall feeling anything quite like it in recent memory. If she brought it up while the family was around she'd probably get teased about finding a man, which was another issue entirely.

That feeling reached a peak at night, quietly sharing a drink with her father, eyes turned to the stars. It was like she could reach out and touch what she needed... right there in front of her, but hidden...

A green streak crossed the sky, drawing two pairs of eyes. That was it... this was...

"...I know that look. You've got something you need to do." Her father smiled kindly at her.

She turned to her him, her own smile sad for a moment. "You know me better than anyone, huh?"

He nodded silently, paused, then spoke. "I know you can accomplish whatever you have to. Don't forget that I'm always here for you though."

Katina's smile grew stronger, more confident. "I know... no matter how far away you are." There was a thin cord around her neck, a core drill on the end. "Take care... thank you... and sorry for all the trouble." A brilliant flash, another green streak, and another warrior returned to battle.
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Grades... grades... god, figuring out grades was annoying. Of course all the athletes got top marks, no problem, and the blatant slackers were easy enough to grade but the ones in between... what counted as enough participation for an A? Twenty years on the job wouldn't be enough to figure that out. Why even grade it? Wasn't giving kids a chance to get in shape the point of the class? As long she was keeping a bunch of teenagers from turning into blobs, Katina could care less whether or not they deserved an A or a B.

Cut for length )
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So uh... I kinda sorta know what happened, only not really.

Anyone wanna fill me in?

How Tragic

Sep. 19th, 2010 10:08 pm
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[Katina is in the gym after a good workout - the hours she happened to make time for left the gym almost completely to herself. So, she doesn't have to worry so much about someone catching her looking at herself in one of the mirrors, sweaty and in a sports bra and shorts. Hair... as rough as usual. Skin too.

...she looks around left, right and sees... no one watching. Good. She sighs, and pinches her side. There is something to pinch, and she frowns, even if it's still far better than most women nearing thirty.]

Should I cut back on the beer... or...
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[Katina took all of Father's Day off, and has been doing her own thing. Now, in the evening, she sits on a bench on top of the tower. She has two bottles with her that she's taken a few small sips out of as she looks up into the sky.]
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I heard they sent the bad news already... hope you already got it so I don't have to explain. I just wanna hear that there's some kinda good news back home before I lose it on someone.
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[Filtered to friends minus Tasuku (if he even counts :3)]

Anyone know anything about dream meanings? I'd just guess that I was going some kind of special crazy if I tried to analyze myself, and I'm hoping that I'm just a little off about that.

So, uh, the dream was... a musical. Like, real life was like a musical, while we were doing our thing, even while we were fighting.

Oh, and if any of you who got this tell anyone that didn't about it, you know what's coming.
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*It's like a kid at Christmas getting the crazy Nerf gun he wanted but thought he'd never get.*

Alright! Finally the mech I deserve!

*Katina's in the hangar, walking around the Gespenst Mk II Kai. She already has a technician applying a fresh coat of red to it. Priorities, Katina has them.*

Everything good about a Gespenst in a package that isn't a decade old! Zoe, *she's yelling this across the hangar wherever you are* we gotta work on tweaking this thing to get it absolutely perfect!

[[OOC: Not limited to Zoe by any means, of course.]]
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[Private, but oh-so hackable. Jerks.]

Screw Valentine's Day. All this lovey-dovey shit goin' around distracting me and making me think about things that I wouldn't bother thinking about usually. Should've just taken a week off and gone home or something, but no, here I am all flustered and annoyed while a bunch of lovestruck teenagers romp about a military base worrying about what to give their sweetheart.

It's a scam, is what it is. Candy companies making a killing on some day that everyone just decided was so special.

And shut up Alex I know there are other love holidays but people don't get all obsessed with those all over the whole damn world.
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Ever since the Moon had been... stopped... fixed... turned into a spaceship... whatever, Katina had been out for blood. Viral's of course; she marched around I-1 tracking down the catman who she'd barely spoken to since Christmas.

She would have done it sooner but well... with the world seemingly coming to an end, she didn't want to do anything hasty and then have to deal with it when things turned around, and, well, now they did.

Now, where is that cat-bastard?
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At the Tower... )
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Who: Katina and Viral
What: Manipulated into a date by Alex.
Where: A Mediterranean restaurant, because... Alex again.
When: Christmas Day
Warnings: Shouldn't be any worse than the usual between them.

Katina knew she'd have to get some sort of payback on Alex. Getting her to agree to a blind date while she was half drunk... there was no honor in that! Ignore the fact that she hasn't gone on a single date in, literally, years.

So she walked down the sidewalks of Tokyo dressed as nicely as she had been in a long time. Tan slacks, burgundy blouse, simple black fashion boots, and a gray coat to keep out the cold - all someone who was used to Michigan winters needed here. She knew what the restaurant looked like and about where it was, and Alex had told her she'd know the guy when she saw him, whatever that meant, and she rounded the last corner, the restaurant just down the...


is that...

I am KILLING that woman when I get back tonight.
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So Simon's trial is tomorrow... he should get off pretty clean as long as the trial isn't dirty. We should probably do something for the poor guy, I can't imagine that sitting around in a cell that long is any kinda fun.

Of course, the lockdown isn't gonna make it easy, but I think we can figure something out.

And if he does get sentenced... they'll see the power of 'send letters to every important military official we're allied with.'
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